Here We Go

Awesome! I was actually debating on whether I should post that last one, or not. I'm glad I did though, I want to be on a more personal level with all of you. So, now that all of the introductions, and the back story of Ryzendon are out of the way it's time to start sharing more developmental posts! Ever since I've enrolled into this amazing game dev course on Udemy the extent of my knowledge of coding is tenfold to what it used to be. Mainly, because I knew next to nothing going into the course, but hey, still tenfold! Honestly, the thought of coding terrified me beyond any reason, but this course has smashed any doubt I ever had. Now I've already created two functioning games with this newfound knowledge! The current game I'm working on now is a classic brick breaker game that the course has been walking me through. I've learned about classes, variables, statements, boolians, and integers, and so much more! One of my favorite things that I've learned so far would be, how to publicly expose functions in the game engine, so that the content editors have more creative freedom!

Below is a screen shot of the classic brick breaker game I learned how to code from scratch! Thanks to! I plan on capturing a video of the actual game play soon once it's closer to being complete, which happens to be very, very soon! I have the core mechanic down, and it's playable now, but I have some other clever little mechanics I'm going to implement before I launch it. I know it's not much of a game, but I have to start somewhere with the programming side of things! So, please bear that in mind when I actually launch this game out into the wild! I plan on launching it for Android, and Apple, but probably Android first. More to come soon!

— Josh.

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