Bricks in Space!?

The prototype is complete!

Bricks in Space!? That's the title of it. =) Not much of a game still, but I at least finished the prototype of it! As you can see I stepped away from the realistic brick materials, and went with a stylized art. Personally, I love stylized art when it comes to video games, for reasons I won't get into right now, but maybe later. If any of you following want me to go into more detail on subjects like that feel free to say so in the comments! Anyways, more on the game. Now that I've actually managed to complete the prototype of the game, and lay the foundation of it I can start building it! Actually, I planned on having way more of the game finished at this point, but I had to meet the 'Particle effect editor'. This editing tool that is built inside the Unity game engine is amazing! I got lost in it for hours while I was playing around with it, and learning how to use it. Unfortunately, most of the guides I came across were created for older versions of the game engine, but I managed to come up with something descent! I'll refine the effect some more, but it's time to start building the rest of the levels, and get this baby launched! I'm so excited to get this game finished so I can share it with the world! I know it's not much, being a brick breaker game, but I'm proud of what I have accomplished so far! So, stay tuned for the launch!

— Josh.