Almost There!

So close!

First off, I want to apologize for how long the 'polishing process' is taking. I know it's a simple little game that should of been done weeks ago, but I can only work on it so much when working another full time job, and being a full time dad! So, bear with me. ;) This has been a huge learning experience for me, and it's only the first of many games. Over the weekend I delved deep into the built in physics engine of Unity. Learning it, manipulating it, and getting stumped by it! Now I'm no mathematician by any degree, and this is all beginner physics, but it’s fun, and I love the challenge! I have the ball programmed to generate velocity every time it bounces (as you can see in the video). It's a small formula that randomly selects an extremely minute value from the X, and Y coordinates of the plain, and accelerates the ball in the given vector. The reason why I limited the value to be extremely small, is because I don't want the ball to seem like it has a mind of its own.

What I forgot to add to the equation is drag. Honestly, I completely spaced it... Causing me some grief, and a nice, long trail of trial, and error. The ball would eventually generate so much velocity the computer couldn't even keep up with it! More technically speaking the ball was traveling so fast that the computer couldn't render the frame of the ball bouncing off of a 'collider' which led it to pass through the object. I tried many different approaches to fixing the issue, but I never succeeded. Eventually I reverted back my coursework on Udemy for referencing, and figured out that I needed to add a bit of drag to the ball in order for it to slow down. Crisis averted! Simple fix really.  So now all that needs to be done is a little more itteration, and the rest of the user interface. Then it's launch time! Which will also be a learning curve for me, but it’s almost finished, and I feel that it’s safe to say that this weekend will be the weekend I launch it!

Cheers! =)

— Josh.