Built for Android


It runs!!

And smooth at that, seemingly... I haven't published it on any app stores yet, but it's built for any android devices out there! I know, I need to do it for Apple devices to, and I will after everything is good to go for Android. I still have a few more things to finish up on it but I at least had to show it working on some kind of device. It's still somewhat surreal to me though. Not even 4 months ago, I would of denied any thought of this coming to fruition.

The last thing I shared with all of you was the unfortunate fact that I was getting hung up on the audio. I was trying my damnedest to program a new "easy to use" audio manager, but I couldn't get it working no matter what I tried. As upsetting as it was I had to force myself to put it down. I came to the conclusion that perhaps I was a little to far out of my element. That was a hard pill to swallow for me, but I came to terms with it, and decided to revert back to the old setup. Honestly, I think half of the issue with the whole audio setup came down to the architecture of the game itself.

The bricks had audio clips attached to them that were coded to only make a sound once they were hit by the sun, but having an audio clip attached to a game object is very limiting when it comes to audio manipulation. As it happens to turn out, audio clips can't be manipulated, or controlled within the game engine. Audio clips only play the original sound you import into the engine.  However, an audio "source" can be controlled... So, why not just attach an audio source to the bricks instead of an audio clip? Well, here's where the architecture of the game gets in the way of that. 

Once the brick (game object) gets destroyed, it wipes everything out that's attached to it. So, any "one hit bricks" in the game would never play the sound. Any bricks that take more than one hit will play the audio source, but only for the hits that don't destroy the brick. Are you confused yet? ;) Anyways, I chose to opt out of the bricks making a noise when they get hit that way the players have more control over the audio while in game. I'm still learning the basics though, so that's another reason why I couldn't get it to work. I believe that wraps this post up though! I'm excited to get this thing published! SO CLOSE!

— Josh.