Learning Loops

Well, It's Monday. That means the weekend is behind us along with the expectations of getting Bricks in Space out. I was really expecting to get this project out by now, but I'm struggling with coding in a clean user interface for the players! It's so close it upsets me that it’s not done. The main issue that I'm facing right now is the functionality of the UI to control the audio of the game. I know as soon as I figure it out I'll look back at it, and think of it as a simple fix, but I could never bring myself to release a game to the public that you can't even control certain aspects of the audio in. I refuse it. I know I'm learning as I go here, and that I'm doing this project in particular as a learner project. But, I at least have to get this right, and besides this is a script I could implement into all my future games to come, so bear with me as I address this issue, and clean it up before it launches. I'm in good hands though, my instructors over at Udemy are already helping me out with the issue, so I’m sure the issue will get worked out in no time! This is fun for me, and I love the learning experience that comes with it. So, even though I’m failing here it's still an essential part of learning in my eyes, and looking at it in that light keeps a positive mindset for me! I won't say when I think this game will be finished after this loop I just got thrown through, but I know it's soon! I know the rest of the team is itching to get our next project up, and running, and I'm just as excited, so I can’t keep iterating this one for too much longer. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a good start to the week! I'll be sure to fill everyone in once I get this worked out! Stay cool everyone! 

— Josh.