June 14, 2018 marks a big day for us here at Ryzendon! I actually got Bricks in Space published on the Google Play store! If you haven't checked it out yet just click that download button and it'll take you to the play store! Play it, and let me know what you think, and please help me out by letting me know if you find a bug or two!!

First off, I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this journey, and thanks for all of the awesome reviews so far! Although, some may be a little exaggerated. ;) It's a humbling feeling to see others play, and enjoy something that I have created.

 There were some points in time where I thought I would have finished development way before now, and there were some times when I thought that it wasn't going to get finished at all. But, here we are! I'm so excited to have taken this journey, and even more excited to begin the next one! I plan on getting an Apple developer license, so I can publish on the Apple store also, but I have some coding/optimizing to get done first. So, I apologize to any Apple users out there that are eager to play it!

  Most of all I am relieved to finally take this one off of the grinding wheel! Now, I know Bricks in Space could be way more of a game than what it is now, and it will be in time, and I've already found a few things that need fixed so there will be an update for it soon. If people actually play it and want something more than I'll take the time to add some more mechanics to it, but for now it's time to switch our focus back to learning new things, and starting the next project! We will introduce our main protagonist of the next project soon! 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

— Josh.